A modern, intelligent and environment friendly way to move.

With focused visual tools and preprocessor support, GWS is a modern car charger that makes it easy to just charge your car. It's crafted from the ground up for drivers who care about the source of the power and who are environmental sensitized.

Why Use GreenWattStations?

GWS is a EVSE, yet powerful, modern, environmental friendly and intelligent. We blend visual tools into the interface so you get the right amount of information when you are in a charge process. You'll enjoy useing GWS.

GWS are for all cars

Green Watt Station support all plug types. It's also possible to update if the plug type change or if a new type came out! Look at the supported plug types…


Installing and placement chargers for all charging types. every big business has parking facilities for its customers. Such as supermarkets, hotels, shopping centers and entertainment structures. It would be desirable and useful for drivers of electric cars to be able to charge their electric vehicles during their visit. Get immediate cost information according to your needs by filling out your quote! Get your offer!


There are many ways, many possibilities and many alternatives for operating and managing GWS electric vehicle chargers. Indicatively, we only mention the following: Complete operation by the owner. Operation by the owner with GWS support. Complete operation by GWS. The mode of operation can be selected on the basis of the customer's needs, in order to provide the desired result. In each case, the mode of operation and management of the electric car charger (EVSE) can be changed.


GWS undertakes the control, maintenance, repair and upgrading of electric vehicle chargers. Adhering to a program of regular checks and pre-defined maintenance can prevent possible repair requirements. GWS provides the necessary programming and monitoring for the proper operation and performance of the charging stations for electric cars.

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